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Gain Sports CMS Upgrade


CMS Functionality Scope
Version 1.0s
Technology: WordPress


Content management allowing for the creation and editing of prospects to the Gain Sports website.


Add/edit Homepage video

  • Featured players
  • Choose/edit Player order
  • Sort by class


  • Add/edit Badges from library
  • Add/edit Profile Picture
  • Add/edit info (honors. Hometown, position, class, broad jump, etc)
  • Add/edit Video (6 possible) game section
  • Add/edit Video (6 possible) off-season section
  • Pick/edit class
  • Social share
  • Email share (player card)

Add/edit Image
Add/edit Subtitle
Add/edit Quote
Add/edit Link
Add/edit Source

Key stories/links
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Player stats:
primary position
secondary position

by class (years)
Add/edit weekly stats with custom column names
Auto tally season based on weekly stats

Social media links
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